Sellers Guide to Fulfilling a Buyers' Foot Fetish

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Sellers Guide to Fulfilling a Buyers' Foot Fetish

I am here to help you create a product that a foot buyer will love. It may sound very easy, however, there are many things you need to consider as a seller. Beginning with the listing, you need to be able to catch the attention of a buyer while being honest about your product.

After you have them interested in your item, how do you discuss the finer details? When you begin your wear, do you have the buyer in mind while you go about your day? Finally, sending the product off to its new home has some challenges as well.

This is based on my experiences with foot items such as used socks, well-worn shoes, and nylons, and everyone may find their sales may be different. I want to stress the importance of having a great bio, listing your details and painting an overall picture of who you are.

Make it fun and engaging, as well as educational, making sure to list important things like owning pets, smoking and other things that could affect the quality of your items. Allergies are no joke to some buyers, and telling them you own a cat before they bury their nose into the socks you've worn for a week could save them a bunch of anguish.

Buyers, I am also telling you to read the bios of your sellers. We spend a lot of time including vital information for you about allergies, shipping, and other things that are important to our business and your happiness with your purchase.

It Starts with the Listing

Snapping one photo and listing an item as a smelly sock is not the best way to sell items on FLO. For a seller to be successful, they need to understand this is a marketplace similar to a storefront, and buyers will window shop as they scroll along. If your photo has caught their interest, will your description reel them in?

Making sure you list the scent of your feet in each item listing will grab lots of buyers' attention as they may use the search bar to find you. Also listing the condition of the item, age, and some details about your life with that particular item helps give life to an item you may think of as mundane.

If you have owned those flip flops since high school and wore them on your senior year spring break trip to Miami, include that into your listing! It will give those sandals a life you may not see as important to mention, but to a buyer, it is intriguing and gives a story for them to envision when they have your item in their hands.

Take photos of your items from the top and bottom, and one wearing them. The 4th photo should show specific characteristics of the item, but do not give everything away for free. This site is to sell photos of your feet as well, so if you are posting photos of them in your listings, where does that leave room to sell instant content photos?

That being said, when discussing your items for sale, when a buyer would like more photos than are listed, you must understand that some dishonest people use this as a way to get free content. Look at their ratings, do other previous sellers mention them needing more photos before purchasing?

If they do not have reviews, keep in mind this person may not be there to buy your items, but more so to look at free photos of your feet. You can nicely explain that the buyer of the item will receive photos they are requesting as proof of wear. Always be cautious of insole mark photos as well, you want to show one in the listing as a selling feature - but do not continue to send more photos of them to someone who has not purchased the shoe.

It is important to discuss honesty in your item listings as well. Our integrity is only as strong as our word, post if there are any issues including holes, damage, and wear marks and include them in the photos allowed, these are actually appealing to a buyer. This is also where I would mention if you are continuing to wear an item.

Using a phrase like, "These are my current everyday wear shoes" will let a buyer know that your photos may not be up to date. Use caution when listing them, and make a note to go back and update photos of the insoles often as these are usually what a seller is after when purchasing an item.

Conversations About Expectations

You have a buyer interested in a pair of your lace socklets, and they are telling you they want 3 days wear with photos daily. You are excited and want to lock in that sale, do you agree and ask for payment? Please stop at this point and ask what kind of photos, and how many they expect. Some buyers assume you will meet all their demands after a sale is made, and you may be in for more than you bargained for.

Add-ons are where you can agree to a price for the additional details a buyer is looking for, and that you sell, but are not willing to give away to a buyer with purchase. You can offer photos or videos featuring more of you and the item, including face or nudity, and you can agree on a number of photos or length of video prior to the price being agreed in total.

Scent should also be discussed when arranging wear of an item. If you have promised a 10/10 scent, does your idea of a 10 match your buyer? Did you over promise on scent? If you said you have very stinky feet and only arranged a 2-day wear with an item, how will your scent deliver?

If you just showered before you started the wear, and on the morning of day 2, still notice a mild scent, you should reach out to your buyer and explain that 2 days may now be as strong as discussed at purchase.

A seller may discuss adding days to the wear at that point, instead of just taking them off at day 2 and sticking them in the mail. This will disappoint your buyer and may lead to a negative review. Keep in mind during your wears that someone is very excited to receive your item! I send messages to them with updates on what I am doing to get the scent deep into the item if they are generally interested in knowing. Hopefully, you have built a relationship with your buyer where you understand their desires for your day of wear.

Packaging is Your First Impression

Lots of sellers like to use fancy packaging for their items, others like simple and plain mailers. Please make sure your buyers understand your packaging will be more detailed if you go this route. Many can not have unexplained pink tissue paper and thank you cards with lipstick in their garbage cans at home. Spraying perfume on an item will also ruin the hard work you just accomplished, please ask all buyers if they would like these extras in their package.

Test all your packaging over time and make sure it will hold up to the time in transit. Use vacuum sealers with caution, as I use a Ziploc baggie first then a vacuum seal, to make sure the scent is actually trapped against the item and not pulled out. Some thick branded bags may leave a plastic scent to your items.

Everyone is different and should test all their items before sending them off to customers or at least ask for that feedback for your first few shipments. You do not want to find out after you mail out a bunch of items that there is an unpleasant side scent to your packaging.

With all things, I hope as you gain more knowledge of selling foot items, that you share with newer members to Feet Lovers Only. If any new sellers have questions, please reach out to me with questions. This is a great community and I had help from a beautiful mentor when I first joined, so I will continue to pay it forward. Happy Selling!

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