Top Tips on How To Pamper Your Feet

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Top Tips on How To Pamper Your Feet

Looking Into the Sole

For many of us, our feet are just the two meat clubs at the bottom of our legs that carry us through each day. We cram them into shoes, shove them into socks or take the chance of them barefoot. But there is a select few, a unique group of individuals who know the true value of feet.

Those people know that a foot needs to be cared for and maintained. Dear reader, you are one of those people who cherish feet and know the value of them.

Maybe I am getting a tad too romantic? But it’s true, you beautiful sole lovers have taught me the importance of maintaining my feet. So, how does one pamper their feet and prepare them for, say, a photoshoot? Well, let me take you through my routine as an example to explore foot care.

My Foot Care Routine

My day starts with yoga, barefoot on the mat. My feet get sweaty and pick up flecks of dust and dirt. Especially if I decide to go to a class as opposed to at-home yoga, I exit the yoga mat with moist toes and sometimes dirty soles.

The day continues on to work, which post-Covid allows me to work from home (WFH). WFH equals no shoes so these feet are walking across hardwood floors and crumbs, carpet and dog hair. I might walk outside for the mail, across the muddy lawn and paved drive. By the end of a day at home, my feet have begun to develop a distinguished scent, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

It’s off to the gym, on go the ankle socks and sneakers. Perhaps it’s a weight training day or a run day, if it’s sunny then I swap those shoes for some roller skates and head out to sweat…but I guarantee by the end of every activity my feet are pungent. Imagine a sweet onion, sweaty sort of smell in my case. And you sole lovers love the scent, and I love sharing it with you!

No one should ever be ashamed of that natural foot odor, embrace it and share it with all the sole lovers. But for those of us without a loyal foot boy to lick the sweat off our pretty toes we must take measures to keep our feet clean and pretty for your viewing pleasure!

How To Pamper Your Feet

So how do we go about pampering our feet? I suggest starting with a hot shower or bath and making sure you use a washcloth. I like to pump the soap onto my washcloth and one foot at a time gently massage the soap across the top of my foot, along the side and then slowly across my sole. Get into the crevices and don’t forget that heel.

Then move to the toes, start from the big toe and ride the roller coaster down, getting between each one. You want to soften the skin and get all of the day's dirt off. Once you get out, dry your feet well, the next part requires clean and dry feet.

Finally, time to remove any dead skin! There are a few options, I recommend switching between them! For myself, I do a foot mask once a month, which you leave on for an hour and then over the next several days you can watch the skin peel right off. For weekly maintenance though, you’ll want to get a Pedi Egg or a Pumice stone.

Remember there are buyers that will buy your foot shavings too!

With the soles and toes completely dry, sit down in a comfy place. Put a towel under your feet and begin to shave off the dead skin that has worked so hard on your feet. Make sure to collect all that skin, don’t let it go to waste as many of you beautiful readers know how delicious and valuable it can be!

Once the dead skin is removed, be sure to clean any old nail polish off using an acetone remover. Get your nail clippers handy and trim those nails baby, I always save mine too, for the beautiful toe admirers! Once your feet are nakey, choose a sweet-smelling and hydrating lotion. Give yourself a good rub, especially work the ball and toes as they can hold a lot of tension. Take your time, give your feet lots of love!

The final touch? Pick a pretty polish and paint those toes, add a clear gloss and baby you’re off to the races! And that is how you can pamper your feet and your beautiful sole buyers!

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