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Seductivesoles US

Gross 🤢 Dingy...

Well Worn these dirty dingy used and stomped on. And left prints left behind...

25.00 USD 250

Prettykitty060606 US

Old Worn Gray...

Worn gray slippers 🖤😘💦...

10.00 USD 100

Kinkygaby UK

Worn, Dirty, Smelly...

Worn for almost 5 years, never washed 🧽 dirty and ripped Still wearing Winter or summer doesn’t matter...

60.00 GBP 763

Emmysworld44 US

Well Worn...

Victoria Secret well worn, sage green open toe dirty house slippers...

20.00 USD 200

LiviaLove IE

6 Year Old...

Old, ragged, and crunchy fluffy slippers! These teeny slippers have been worn to filth for 6 years gathering...

30.00 EUR 325

Melissa_kissa US

Well-worn Blue Sandals...

It’s time to say goodbye to my favorite sandals. A lot of trips and good memories❤️. The sandals...

35.00 USD 350


Extremely Dirty Worn...

Extremely worn and dirty slipper socks. Worn while doing housework. Sweaty and torn...

25.00 GBP 318

Prettycutefeet CA

Worn Cute Slippers...

These babies have been worn a long time!...

30.00 CAD 223

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