Relaxing On The Couch

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Just chilling - my feet in platform wedge sandals (2 pics) and barefoot(8 pics), relaxing on the couch, giving them a well-deserved rest.

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bare feets platform wedges wedges platforms cork wedges

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About Daintyfootgoddess

Hello Foot Enthusiasts!

Allow me to introduce myself as Daintyfootgoddess, a petite individual aspiring to become your world's cherished queen of tender feet. I'd like to share a few words about myself so you can get to know me better. Picture me as a tiny being, wearing an XS/S size, adorable size 36 feet, mesmerizing green eyes, and flowing blond hair. Although I'm new to this "industry," my curiosity and desire to explore this fascinating world are boundless. My feet may be tiny, but they are graceful and will fulfill your deepest desires.

I love myself. I love my feet. Taking care of and pampering them brings me true joy. As a short person, I adore wearing high heels and wedges that add a touch of femininity. Still, I also value giving my feet a break in flat shoes and soft slippers. Caring for them is incredibly important - well-groomed feet are crucial to my self-confidence. As a beginner in this field, I rely on your kindness and understanding. I'm open to any suggestions or advice. I want to grow, improve, and provide you with unforgettable experiences.

I spend my days in the office, staring at a computer screen, so being here is a way to escape the routine. I aim to create a safe and friendly space for foot fetish enthusiasts to enjoy my photos and videos. I respect your desires and fetishes - together, we can discover new fantasies and create extraordinary memories. Together we can craft unique moments filled with tenderness and fulfillment. I'm excited about our shared journey!

With delicacy and warmth,

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