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Twinkle_toes... UK

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Size small boy short panties, very stretchy lycra tyoe material so fit tight and snug 😍
48hr wear as standard with any add ons welcomed 😝

18.00 GBP 229

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Shorts boys shorts panties 48hr wet oussy ass black

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Twinkle_toes27 UK

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Right losers!!!!! It's time for you to show this goddess what your lacking 🍤 My SPH will be brutal...

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Twinkle_toes27 UK

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Pale pink coloured Brazilians, these have a very sexy lace back and soft seam free front. 48hr wear...

18.00 GBP 229

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About Twinkle_toes27

Account currently being updated after a long break.
Only offering wears and items, no videos!!! no nudity!!! But hey this girl is becoming a milf again so extra wet and creamy panties 🥵

Hey welcome to my page 😉 please call me TT or Tee,
Paypal [email protected]

**Bio updated**

Decided to make a few changes to my page I hope this works well for us both.
Currently a non nudity seller with just a few exceptions:

Toilet drives 💛=£15 🤎=£18 both=£30

•couples content
This is more for my little cucks that like to watch us fuck&suck but feel free to message me if you have a couples request

Im also now offering sister wears, my mega hot younger sister is trialing selling panties and socks with me through my page, nothing is better that 2 hot sisters sending you panties to sniff and ruin🥵

Non nudity custom vids starting at £3.50 per min depending on your request, this includes feet, pedi, crushing, toilet, pee play, ignore sessions, couples content.
This list is not everything but is a few main ideas you are very welcome to message me to see if I can offer what your looking for and there Will be no hard selling or pushing from my side, I'm very open to conversation but don't ask for things that could fall into something you could be getting off on for free I will be sure to tell you if you are going too far.

Just to add I have a family with a young child and hectic job so I cannot always be available at your beck and call for custom pics id appriciate you give me a little time I'm fully worth it 😜


Now a little bit about me 🤗
Height: 5ft2
Size: UK 10
Feet: UK 4
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Green/blue
Breast: 34B
Age: 32 (the atw age bracket is not good for my ego 🤣)

I will call everyone babe thats me, that's my normal communication so if that's a problem for you then you need to make it known
I'm a natural sub, I enjoy making people happy, I like others being in control and I'm a general people pleaser but one thing for sure is I'm not a push over so don't even bother trying it.
I do like the odd dabble in Dom work especially humiliation!!

I have an absolute passion for feet so really enjoy foot content pics, vids and items. Wam, crushing, pampering, pedicure, shoe dangle, shower/washing
Foot Drive=£12

Love a good ass pic 🍑 and underwear shots 😏

Also a lover of all things Pee related which my Gdrive shows 🤭

All items worn and made freshly to order not made and stored ready for shipping so delays can occur but its worth the wait 🥴

🩲Panties are all 48hr wear as standard but can lower the wear if you like a light scent obviously prices will reduce for that,
If I'm doing a panty wear for you feel free to make it exciting 💦 I'm happy for you to send a few dirty/flirty messages to get your panties wet i won't full sext back but will let you know and see how your getting on 😜
Add ons to panties welcome:
Played in panties £3
Play and stuffing £5
Squirt soaked and packed wet £5
Soak in pee at end of wear and packed wet £5
No wipe pee £5 for 1 full day of no wipes

Additional days £3.50 per day
Trashed/trampled/ruined/dirty panties £5
Videos available starting price £3.50 of your add ons being created depends on the item request and duration of video

🧦 Socks 72hr wear minimum, feet have vinegary scent feet can be mild or strong depending on what your preference is, the scent is all pure but I have different shoes I will wear to bring out the scents
My longest record for socks currently sits at 14 days, think you can handle longer than that get in touch 😉 £3 per day extra wear after 10 days each extra day is £4.50 due to me having to put up with the stench 🤭

👙 Bras minimum 72hr wear very sweet sweat smell, could potentially get some strong armpit scent but only if requested.

Tights and stockings- these will have 48hr with no panties. Longer wears can be requested but I'm very clumsy with tights and the possibly of a ladder to heaven might occur 🥰 so this is your pre warning I as carful as possible but if they are laddered that is how they will be received.

Daily proof of wear pics provided with all purchases, long wears upto 5 days on panties available, socks can be worn for as long as you can handle.

P.S I enjoy seeing or hearing the outcum 😜 of my work so physical items im more than happy for you to send me a pic of my ruined items.

Add on pics to your wear £2 each and foot pics £1.50 each.

Custom vids starting price £3.50 per min, toilet vids £4 per min unless toilet drive has been purchased then custom requests heavily discounted

Not currently offering explicit video calls but will do live foot sessions 😏 £1.50 per min

Im really looking to explore and test my limits, I lost my self a few years ago and now the confidence is building im embracing it.
I really want some good custom work, new ideas, things I've not thought of that will really get the juices flowing 💦
I will strive to make sure its what you dreamed off and more 😜

Also on offer:
•Body hair from any body part
•Fluids of all kinds from where ever you desire 😏 🍋🤤🤧
•Floor sweepings and vaccume dust
•Trampling or ruining any item in what ever you decide, outdoors/food/Snot all depends how low your willing to go 😈
•SPH/Humiliation tasks/drains
•Food waste/left overs/ Chewed up food
• 🗑 trash waste can include, cotton buds, face wipes/pads, food,

If your purchasing for you to wear your self im a uk size 8-10 and shoe size 3/4

Small items that can pass as large letter in the UK will be free standard first class postage
Larger items, international shipping or tracked/signed for delivery will be charged on top.
Standard international postage no tracking £3
International tracked and signed large letter size £7 small parcel size £10
You will be provided with proof of postage regardless of how its sent and then its out of my hands I will not be responsible for any postal errors and refunds will not be given, especially once the wear has started

Now if you have managed to read my whole bio hats off to you that's a long one 🤣 so feel free to drop me a message saying hi let's have a chat, if you follow me i will message you saying thank you so that can be your ice breaker or send me over your favourite Liam Gallagher or Oasis song and see if your a fan like me to get your self a little discount on your first order 🎤 I don't really message buyers first I like to know you have approached me because you like what you see I will follow buyers if I like the look of your page or feel I could offer what you are looking for!!

If you get hard looking at any of my pics im expecting a £tip fine i need to know your enjoying my listings 😈
$app- twinkletoes1191
Paypal- [email protected]
Do not put any details in the payment section, it will result in accounts being locked and shut down! If you need to add a message put gift,present,birthday,meal something that won't flag my account.

ATTENTION: All individuals or institutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or associated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile or my images in any form or forum both current and future.
You may not share with others, you may not use it for monetary gain or blackmail of any form, you may not upload it anywhere or on any social platforms.
I remain the owner of the original content and all rights to every item and its content, you may not share the item or contents with others.
Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution.
It is also recommended that other members post a notice similar to this or copy and paste this.

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