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My other nickname is humiliwhore as chosen by @LadyChast*ty ☹️

I'm generally looking for femdom or Interrogation under torture stories being written for me with me as the victim.
Usually written and emailed to me

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Slag UK

Added a new photo > @MissPeachh allowed me to buy Her cheerleader dress so that She could put me on the dash for You all to see. Everyone feel free to comment

Slag UK

Thank you @Eloise_West for my punishment of clamps on my nipples for an hour.
And thank you to @LadyScarlett @TattQueenn @Boss_B1tch @MrsG for providing the distraction that i needed at the end

Slag UK

My bio has had to be updated because i’m a little attentionwhore. Please go and have a look at it. I’m also going to be punished for posting this as I am on a dash posting ban.

Slag UK

Thank You to @Eloise_West for taking the time and allowing me to be drained on the dash

Slag UK

Thank You Queen 👸 @Eloise_West for introducing me to one of the joys of womanhood by making me wear the bra of @Curvy_babe92 all day
The stuffing changed me from being in the Itty bitty titty society 😂 to more like the big boobie band ✌🏼✌🏼

Slag UK

Thank You Queen 👸 Eloise for extending my buying ban by another 5 days.
i will be an obedient little slag and not buy anything until my ban ends Queen 👸Eloise

Slag UK

Thank You Queen 👸 Eloise for punishing me on Your wheel and making me have pegs on my nipples for 30 minutes. i have learnt my lesson and will not be naughty again Queen 👸 Eloise

Slag UK

To @Eloise_West (Queen Eloise)

This is a public apology from me for being a pathetic little bitch and for wasting so much of You Gracious time.
i do not deserve the time that You have spent listening to me, and i am pathetic for continuing to try to waste amy more of Your Precious time

Slag UK

Looking for some help from a UK seller.
Need to buy 100KC
The system keeps declining my purchases

Slag UK

Shout out to
For giving me 24 hours of humiliation
And a mention for @TheDentalNurseXx for joining in so well.
It was amazing and no more than i deserve
#3WayHumiliation #slag

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