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About TerraTwinkleToes

More foot content also found on my FeetFinder profile @TerraTwinkleToes.


-If you make requests that clearly contradict the boundaries and rules in my bio I will instantly be turned off from working with you. 🚩 Please see the Off Limits section. ⬇️


Get to Know Me:
πŸ’œ she/her
πŸ’œ bis**ual/queer
πŸ’œ switch/brat/domme
πŸ’œ former dancer (high arches)
πŸ’œ brunette
πŸ’œ hazel eyes
πŸ’œ love to read and write
πŸ’œ fan of horror films and thrillers
πŸ’œ outie belly bu*ton
πŸ’œ right-handed
πŸ’œ 5'6"
πŸ’œ US-8 feet
πŸ’œ cpr & standard first aid certified
πŸ’œ 110 lbs
πŸ’œ b**bs: small and perky
πŸ’œ night owl

What I offer:
βœ… used socks/pantyhose
βœ… used sneakers/shoes
βœ… used panties/thongs
βœ… mystery used panty box
- $70.00 for 5 pre-worn pairs
βœ… used q-tips
- $15.00 plastic baggie
- $20.00 for 20ml gla** vial
- $35.00 for 4oz gla** jar
βœ… used makeup bundle
- $25.00 lip products
- $25.00 makeup brushes
βœ… shop my closet: regular CLEAN CLOTHING sales
- light spritz with my coffee-scented perfume for $5.00 add-on
- light spritz with masculine-scented cologne for $3.00 add-on
βœ… contents of my vacuum cleaner
- $15.00 plastic baggie
- $25.00 for 4oz gla** jar
βœ… custom faceless foot pictures
- $1.00 for 1
- $3.00 for 5
- $5.00 for 10
βœ… affordable instant content
βœ… toenail or fingernail clippings
- $15.00 plastic baggie
- $20.00 for 5ml plastic vial
- $25.00 for 10ml plastic vial
- $35.00 for 20ml gla** vial
- $40.00 for 2oz gla** jar
- $50.00 for 4oz gla** jar
βœ… foot dust
- $10.00 for 5ml plastic vial
- $15.00 for 10ml plastic vial
- $25.00 for 20ml gla** vial
- $30.00 for 2oz gla** jar
- $50.00 for 4oz gla** jar
βœ… used mouthwash
- $20.00 for 10ml plastic vial
- $25.00 for 20ml gla** vial
- $40.00 for 4oz gla** jar
βœ… standard sp*t
- $10.00 for 5ml plastic vial
- $15.00 for 10ml plastic vial
- $25.00 for 20ml gla** vial
- $40.00 for 4oz gla** jar
βœ… toothpaste sp*t
- $10.00 for 5ml plastic vial
- $15.00 for 10ml plastic vial
- $25.00 for 20ml gla** vial
- $40.00 for 4oz gla** jar
βœ… gum-flavored sp*t
- $12.00 for 5ml plastic vial
- $18.00 for 10ml plastic vial
- $30.00 for 20ml gla** vial
- $45.00 for 4oz gla** jar
βœ… chewed gum
- $35.00 for 20ml gla** vial
- $50.00 for 4oz gla** jar
βœ… used tissues in baggie
- $15.00 for 5
- $20.00 for 15
- $25.00 for 30
βœ… used pimple patches
- $30.00 for 5ml plastic vial
- $40.00 for 10ml plastic vial
- $70.00 for 20ml gla** vial
- $100.00 for 2oz gla** jar
βœ… bath water
- $20.00 for 20ml gla** vial
- $50.00 for 4oz gla** jar
βœ… hair from hairbrush
- $15.00 plastic baggie
- $35.00 for 4oz gla** jar
βœ… trimmed hair
- $30.00 head hair plastic baggie
- $40.00 head hair 4oz gla** jar
- $20.00 pubic hair plastic baggie
- $35.00 pubic hair 4oz gla** jar
βœ… plucked hair
- $30.00 plucked leg hair 20ml gla** vial
- $70.00 plucked pubic hair 10ml plastic vial
- $100.00 plucked pubic hair 20ml gla** vial
- $200.00 plucked pubic hair 4oz gla** jar
- $75.00 plucked armpit hair 20ml gla** vial
- $50.00 mixed plucked hair 20ml gla** vial
- $70.00 mixed plucked hair 2oz gla** jar
- $80.00 mixed plucked hair 4oz gla** jar

βœ… work for it package $350.00 (over $500 value!)
- make me work my a** off for your money! (month-long preparation bundle)
- 1 trimmed pubic hair mylar bag
- 1 plucked pubic hair 10ml plastic vial
- 1 plucked armpit hair 5ml plastic vial
- 1 toenail/fingernail 10ml plastic vial
- 2 gum-flavored sp*t 20ml gla** vials
- 1 used mouthwash 20ml gla** vial
- 1 foot dust 2oz gla** jar
- 1 chewed gum 2oz gla** jar
- 1 bath water 4oz gla** jar
- 3 standard sp*t 20ml gla** vials
- 2 mylar bags used tissues OR hoover dust (buyer's choice)
- 3 pairs of socks with 7 day wear
- 3 pairs of panties with 7 day wear
- 3 custom feet pics digital
- 5 s**y mini polaroids (no nudity)
- big spender badge
- big spender shoutout on dash (optional)
- big spender feature in my bio (optional)
- credit to the community badge
- 15% off 1 future order $100+

βœ… ratings πŸ† :
- $1.00 for simple 1-10 rating over text
- $3.00 for 1-10 rating and short explanation/commentary over text
- $8.00 for rating 1-10 and audio explanation (length of audio will range).
- $10.00 for compliment and praise rating over text
- $20.00 for "brutally honest" humiliation/size shaming rating, either by text or audio (buyer's choice).
- ❗️DISCLAIMER: Payment MUST be received prior to ratings. If you send me an unsolicited picture expecting a rating before we have discussed it, you will be immediately blocked, without warning and without explanation.❗️
βœ… dash drain
- $5.00 upfront fee
- $1.00/like
- $1.00/comment
βœ… discreet packaging in customizable styles
- standard packaging
- all black boxes, mailers, envelopes
- all pink boxes, mailers, envelopes for $2.00 add-on
- holiday-themed/seasonal packaging for $2.00 add-on
- NON-DISCREET humiliation/eye-catching packaging for $20.00 add-on
- humiliation dash post with account tag upon order completion for $2.00 add-on

πŸ“« standard US shipping included in pricing
πŸ“« international shipping fee
- $15.00 socks/panties
- $20.00 vials/jars
- $30.00 for shoes
- $50.00 for multiple shipments or heavy/bulk packages

Payment Options:
πŸ’° kinkcoin
πŸ’° cash app $twinkletips7353

πŸ’° payment via feetfinder tips for orders $5+
- if you need to use this payment method there will be an additional fee since FF takes commission on income
πŸ’° amazon gift card for orders $10+
- [email protected]
πŸ’° amazon wishlists

❗️DISCLAIMER: In order to prevent scams and canceled orders, for any payment made through the amazon wishlist, purchased content will NOT be released until the amazon order is PHYSICALLY RECEIVED BY THE SELLER. This means that the wishlist item is purchased, shipped, AND delivered before the purchased content is released to the buyer. This is non-negotiable and applies to all amazon wishlist payments, of any amount. If you plan to pay by wishlist, be prepared to wait for your content. Otherwise, use kinkcoin.❗️

Frequent Nail Colors:
🟦 blue
⬛️ black
πŸŸ₯ red
🟫 nude/natural
⬜️ white

Surprise Tips to Put a Smile on My Face:
πŸ’ chai latte - $6.00
πŸ’ new socks - $8.00
πŸ’ new stockings - $10.00
πŸ’ new set of panties - $15.00
πŸ’ fresh pedicure - $45.00
πŸ’ fill my gas tank -$60.00

Financial Goals:
πŸ’΅ clear student debt
πŸ’΅ new car
πŸ’΅ steady atw income
πŸ’΅ no rent stress

Allergy Information:
⚠️ non-smoker
⚠️ i do not own pets
⚠️ fragranced body products and perfume user
⚠️ frequent exposure to plants/flowers


Off Limits:
❌ for privacy and safety, i do not offer any private social media handles. no exceptions.
❌ no content including minors, made by minors, or depicting minors, directly or indirectly
❌ i do not show my face in any content
❌ no in person meet-ups
❌ no seller collaborations
❌ no nude photos/videos. my content is never s**ually explicit, including but not limited to: pornography, masturbation, s**-based role play
❌ no shark week products
❌ no bank transfers. no paypal. accepted payment methods listed above
❌ no freebies or IOUs. payment must always be received before release of content, unless otherwise stated by me
❌ i never recommend ingesting any of my products. what you decide to do with your order once you receive it is out of my control
❌ i do not offer video chats/skype
❌ i do not c*m or squirt in my wears
❌ no unsolicited pictures or videos
❌ no content that is made illegally, or depicting illegal acts
❌ no sc*t play or graphic violence
❌ no self-harm
❌ no refunds
❌ please let me keep my private life private. just because i don't want to share intimate details about my life, location, or family does not mean i can't hold a conversation. don't be pushy about personal information
❌ i am not interested in pursuing real-life romantic or s**ual relationships with anyone. i have no issues with flirting and being friendly, but i am not your girlfriend. please remember that.
❌ if you make me feel uncomfortable or unsafe you will be immediately blocked, without warning and without explanation
❌ if i suspect you are scamming you will be immediately blocked, without warning and without explanation
❌ if you refuse to respect my rules and boundaries after your behavior is corrected, you will be immediately blocked AND reported to admin, without warning and without explanation


πŸ›‘ IMPORTANT: Any content sold to you is to remain for your personal viewing use only. You may not share with others. You may not use it for monetary gain. You may not upload it anywhere, including social media or Pornhub, or legal action may be taken.
I remain the sole owner of the original content.

πŸ›‘ ATTENTION: All individuals or inst*tutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or a**ociated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile or my images in any form or forum both current and future.
You may not share it with others, you may not use it for monetary gain nor blackmail of any form. You may not upload it to any website or on any social platforms. You may not forge physical and/or digital copies of nor distribute my content in any way, for any reason. You may not alter or edit my content for personal or professional use. You may not use my content, face, name, or likeness to pose yourself as me or to roleplay as me in any way.
I remain the owner of the original content and retain all rights to each item and its contents.
Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and you may be subject to legal prosecution.

Any use of the word "content" in this bio refers to all products, services, and uploads made or distributed by me including but not limited to: pictures, videos, audio, private messages/communication, physical correspondence, dashboard posts, profile and bio information, bodily fluids, physical items, etc.

By completing a purchase and/or by submitting an order, you agree to the above stated terms and conditions; you agree that you have read - or have had read to you - the above text in full and understand these terms and conditions, and that failure to adhere to these restrictions may result in legal ramifications against you and involved parties.


πŸ’¬ Bio format inspiration comes from the lovely @Gingergoods 🧑 and @GoddessPixxie! πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

🌸 Thank you for your support and interest! I hope you find something you like here. -Terra β™‘

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Age: 18-21

Ethnicity Caucasian (White)

Body Size: Slim / Slender

Shoe Size: US 8, UK 6, EU 39

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