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Need a toilet? My mouth is always open for anything you have to offer! p**, Used toilet paper etc!

I’ll be your doormat! Clean your feet as much as you need!

If you feel the need to f**k something my a** is 100% ready for your rubber c*ck!

I’m open for use 24/7!!

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MyMouthIsYourToilet US

i was cleaning the bathrooms at work and noticed some perfect yellow liquid in the woman’s toilet and couldn’t help but to get on all fours and lap it up

MyMouthIsYourToilet US

On all fours barking for you!

MyMouthIsYourToilet US

i hope you’re all having a great tuesday morning!

MyMouthIsYourToilet US

Anyone need to go? i’m dying to be used!


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MyMouthIsYourToilet US

I would do anything to have a woman go to the bathroom while riding me! #1 or #2 :)

MyMouthIsYourToilet US

The pole ended with yes but don’t finish as the majority! will do :) thank you girls :)

MyMouthIsYourToilet US

Made a drink :) piss and rum :)

MyMouthIsYourToilet US

may i clean that dirty butt of yours! inside and out!

MyMouthIsYourToilet US

i want a woman to show me how it feels to chew 5 gum 😔

MyMouthIsYourToilet US

Added a new photo > i would love a lower stomach tattoo :) any suggestions?

MyMouthIsYourToilet US

anyone need to go? my mouth is yours to use!

MyMouthIsYourToilet US

Do women taste their cum because they are curious or because it turns guys on?

MyMouthIsYourToilet US

i’ve always wanted a woman to piss in my ass… just don’t know how it would work. any ideas?


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