Overcoming The Embarrassment of My Foot Fetish

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Overcoming The Embarrassment of My Foot Fetish

How My sub Has Changed My Life

For the longest time I can remember I have had an obsession with women’s shoes, particularly sneakers, the more feminine the better it was for me. I think the fetish came from my upbringing of being verbally abused at home and being badly bullied at school. I was very socially awkward and shy. At a young age, I was diagnosed to have a non-verbal learning disorder which affected being able to read facial expressions and non-verbal cues others would have seen.

I had a tendency to look down to avoid making eye contact so they couldn’t tell I didn’t understand their non-verbal cues. Which resulted in staring at people's feet or shoes most of the time. Over the years, as I hit my teenage years, my social skills had started to improve and I was able to make connections with other guys but nerves still got the best of me with the ladies.

As I got older and I sexually matured, it became more of an obsession for me to look at their feet at school or socially. It’s hard to explain but to me, a woman’s feet/shoe collection is just as exciting as boobs or a sexy arse to another guy. Not that I don’t admire them but to this day the first thing I look at is a woman’s feet and what she is wearing rather than looking straight at her boobs, arse or elsewhere.

How My Interest in Ladies Shoes Has Developed and Evolved

My interests in women's shoes also changed and evolved over the years as I became exposed to new and different styles and types. Leather heels, flats and boots were my obsession for a long time as I went to an all-boys high school and only was exposed to teachers and girls I would travel with on the train who mostly wore sneakers.

I always kept my foot fetish to myself as I saw it as shameful and embarrassing that I liked shoes and feet. I secretly played with ladies' sneakers and shoes whenever I had the chance but never with anyone who was blood-related.

Knowing what I was doing was wrong I bought pairs of sneakers to play with and would find porn with women wearing sneakers. My obsession grew to like particular types of sneakers and brands over others, it became more complex as time passed, same as the types of people we are attracted to.

Having never revealed my secret to anyone in my life it’s scary and hard to express it to the ATW community but I wanted to tell my story and the struggles I came from to understand how I got to where I am now.

Since joining the ATW community I have discovered my foot fetish is probably mild compared to others and have discovered that it’s actually a more common fetish than I ever expected.

So how did I go from being embarrassed and ashamed about it to becoming a Master and training the perfect submissive?

It started in September 2021 when I met her after she had just done a nurse roleplay video that I asked her to do again but using latex gloves that she got from the hospital when she had to go there. After I watched the custom video I knew she was special and looked through her profile to find she had several pairs of sneakers that drove me crazy. Black low top converse, white Nike Air Force 1, white Adidas Superstars and a pair of white leather Pumas.

We hit it off straight away and I bought her AF1S. I asked her not to post them but to continue wearing them and to do custom videos wearing them and taking pics in them too. She was very self-conscious and wouldn’t show her face at the time so I asked her if I could buy her a mask to wear and she agreed.

We started off slow with some pics of being naked wearing the sneakers. This then progressed into a video of her using the wand I bought her inside her sneaker on her pussy and making her squirt all over them.

A short while after we discussed a Master/Submissive relationship and our bond became closer with each day that passed.

The key to our relationship is trust and respect of her boundaries. We both have set rules that we both follow as her Master I need to:

  • Respect her boundaries
  • Understand anything that she’s worried about
  • Work within her limits
  • Always be there for her
  • Support her emotionally
  • Spoil her
  • Punish her when she needs to be (rarely happens) but she likes to be naughty sometimes, I think she enjoys the punishment
  • Reward her for being a good submissive

We have also talked about the words that we use. I use certain words in the heat of the moment that are purely for roleplay purposes like calling her “dirty little slut”.

We also have a safe word which she can use at any time she feels uncomfortable and the task stops immediately, and we talk about how she feels and what she doesn't like and we adjust the task till she is comfortable. There is nothing wrong with saying you're uncomfortable as a submissive and a good Master will respect your limits.

As a submissive her rules are:

  • Must follow my instructions unless she is uncomfortable with something
  • Must refer to her trainers as sneakers
  • Must reply to any of my posts
  • Must thank me for allowing her to cum
  • Can only play to videos of me unless she is working with a client
  • Must never backchat her Master
  • Must post fortnightly updates of her AF1’s with a picture
  • Must keep a journal of our adventures using her sneakers

We have both come up with these rules and agreed to them which is very important as we both know what is expected of each other.

We have also created a Master's wheel which has about 12 tasks on it that if she breaks any of these rules she will take the punishment on the wheel no matter what it lands on. There are some pleasant tasks on there and some more extreme tasks that she is still comfortable doing but not designed for her pleasure, it is a punishment after all.

A submissive should also have something that she wears to constantly remind her that she is owned by her Master. This for us is an anklet with hearts and the infinity symbol which she wears always to remind her of her place. This is a good idea for people who need to keep the relationship a bit of a secret around family and friends as you can’t exactly wear a collar so it has to be something more discreet.

I must thank the ATW team for creating this amazing site if it wasn’t for you so many people would still be like I was a feel ashamed or embarrassed by their fetishes and fantasies, this is a great safe place where we can all open up about our deepest secrets to share with other perverted friends.

I hope this blog helps people understand this fetish a little more and the dynamics of this relationship and a little bit more about my foot fetish

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