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Master to MissPeachh since September 21, there is nothing you can do for me that she can’t do 💯 better she has my complete trust and I have hers. My account is only open to her ❤️

Just a young handsome Aussie

I will not be returning messages to people I don’t know this is not to be rude or anything but I am happy just the way my life is 🥰

Hey there 👀 I’m really not good at this kind of thing but here it goes 🙈

I hate my voice but it apparently drives a lot of women crazy 😜 especially brits who I have spoken to over the years 🤭

I’m very tall and lanky 🦒 193cm or 6.33“ I know foot size doesn’t matter but I’m a size 13 😏

I am a born and raised 27 year old Aussie I’ve never been on a plane ✈️ yet but I’d love to travel to the USA and to the UK even though I am young I live in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s in terms of music my all time favourite band is Queen I’m a bit obsessive over them and my idol is the late charismatic lead singer Freddie Mercury.

I’m very shy and reserved but once I am comfortable my naughty side comes out.😈 I am very down to earth and easy to talk to, I’m a real pushover sometimes but have built a tough skin over the years. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m always honest, respectful and sweet.

As a hobby/small business I repair and restore Vintage Australian Valve Radios or Tube Radios for the Americans. I am a 3rd generation radio technician and collector my oldest set is from 1931 🤯 which is getting overhauled for its 90th birthday 🥳 and most modern set is a getto blaster from 1982 🕺🏻 But majority of my sets are from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. I do this in my spare time as I can not currently work due to health issues.

Now onto the fun topic, my interests and kinks

Honestly I can’t believe I’m confessing my secrets here but this community makes me feel so safe and I am learning that having fetishes is ok.

Where do I start 🙈🙊
❤️ I love feet, I don’t know why but I just want to worship them

❤️ I love the curves of a beautiful woman

❤️ I love a fine 🍑 ass

❤️ I love caressing boobs 🍈🍈

❤️ I love to eat 😻

❤️ I absolutely love to watch a woman lose control of her body as she orgasms, I have definitely been known to tease my previous gf with orgasms till she begged me to stop 😈

❤️ I have a fetish for leather especially boots and tight leggings( it’s the look, feel and smell of them that just drives me wild) 🤤 not so much into PVC

❤️ I also have a fetish for stockings, I love the look of them and the feel (fishnets are a special favourite)

❤️ I also have a fetish for a sexy pair of heels ( stilettos, court, dolly, Mary Jane’s, peep toe, strapped, and open toe’s I love buckles and straps they are so sexy and naughty 😈

❤️ I have a fetish for medical gloves latex and nitrile, the sound, smell and feel of them drive me wild 😜 🥵

❤️ My biggest fetish though is definitely a sneaker fetish, I’m always discovering new ones that drive me 😜 whenever I’m out and about I always look at a sexy lady’s feet first to see what’s she’s wearing and then 👀 continue up and the naughty thoughts just flow through my mind 🙈

❤️ My absolute favourite sneakers are AF1’s followed by a cute pair of converse. For me the cuter the colours and more feminine colours the better (pink, light blue and light green and always get me) Nikes seem to be more of a favourite for me but I also like other brands. I’m definitely not a vans guy or a toms. My favourite chucks in low top is the classic black with white and in hi tops it’s definitely red 🥵.

❤️ I love to solo play with sneakers but I wish more ladies left a pair on during naughty times 🤤 and I could worship them fresh after a hard days workout 🥵 and then continue by massaging her feet and worshiping them 🤤
If I think of anything else I’ll add to this 😈

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Added a new photo > I’m changing my profile pic to support my submissive @MissPeachh who has been receiving absolute hell of late from men in her life and this needs to stop… ATW I ask you to band together and reach out to your fellow sellers who are going through anything like this and to show them they are never alone ❤️ #ISUPPORTMISSPEACHH #ENDABUSEAGAINSTWOMEN Let’s show our lovely sellers some extra love and respect they sacrifice so much for us to be here.

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Added a new photo > @MissPeachh tried to be a cheeky little slut and complain that she needed a new anal toy 🙄 so I thought I’d get her some new ones to fill her eager hole with 🍑🫢 ended up getting her 5 new toys to tryout 😏 what a lucky girl she is 😉

I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > This is what happens when your sub tries your patience 🙄 @MissPeachh was being a brat so I made her put two large lumps of snow in her air forces and sit outside till it melted ❄️🦶🏻 of course she recorded it 😏 you can see the melted snow dripping off her feet when she’s finally allowed to take them off. Would you be able to take such a punishment 😉

I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > 🤣 sometimes you have to use those restraints ⛓️ 🔒

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Added a new photo > Master needs a clean up stat! 💦 Can’t let that go to waste 🙄 @MissPeachh get licking 👅👅

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Added a new photo > What a combo 🤤🤤🤤 well worn AF1’s and slutty pink socks on my sub @MissPeachh

I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > Nothing beats 1st place 🤤🤤🤤 it even cums with its own special sauce 😉🐱🍑🤣 @MissPeachh

I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > Wising my beautiful @MissPeachh the best Valentines Day ❤️ I’m so grateful for you to be here with me, you are my soulmate and my best friend. I can’t wait to see you later this year when we can have our first kiss 😘 I love you with all my heart ❤️ you are my sunshine and what keeps me going 🥰 Love Master

I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > @MissPeachh 🙈🤣🍆🐱 is this true?

I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > Happy Birthday! 🎂 🎈 🥳 to my Submissive @MissPeachh, you are such an amazing person! I can’t imagine what my life would be without you in it. You are Kind, loyal, caring and kinky down to your core 😈 Each year your beauty grows and I fall deeper in love with you 💘 You’ve been through so much in your journey so far and had to deal with more than some people have to endure in a full lifetime, you are such a strong and resilient woman who I am very proud of 🥹 this year is going to be one you will never forget! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > Who else is hiding, infinity stones 👀🤫 🤣🙈

I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > Never abuse your power, always cherish what you’ve been blessed to receive. I know I’m blessed to call @MissPeachh mine ❤️❤️❤️

I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > Just made a new 8 minute video for @Misspeachh’s next drive folder to be released very soon 🤫😈 Ever wonder how I talk dirty to my Slut? Wanna see me in action, pounding away? All while I watch my slut do her naughty videos 🔥 you get to see it all, perfect for losers who have no chance with @MissPeachh or for those ladies who can’t resist hearing my Aussie accent absolutely degrading and talking dirty 😒


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I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > @MissPeachh tried to be a cheeky slut and disobeyed my instructions in a video with her custom Air Max 90’s 🙄 well now she’s paying the price for her decision 🤣 5 mins of intense edging with no orgasm 🙈🤭 she’s going to be a little bit sexually frustrated 🤨

I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > I don’t really know why this needs clarifying but I keep getting messages that I’m owned? 🙄🤣🤣🤣 Ummm yeah that’s not how @MissPeachh and I work, she’s my submissive slut ⛓️👸🏻 but she’s so much more than that to me ❤️🥰😍

I_Own_MissPeachh AU

Added a new photo > Sending my slut @MissPeachh for a full pedicure and manicure tomorrow 😍 only condition is I get to pick the colours 😈 what I’m I going to pick? 😏


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