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A little something about me, I am a straight 28 year old man from Australia. Some of my hobbies include fishing, riding motorcycles, watching movies/tv, playing Xbox, going to the gym here and there and also meeting new people. I am genuinely a nice guy and I am very kind, honest and respectful of everyone I meet and I expect to be treated with the same kindness and common decency. I may be a nice guy but I am no pusher I am a man of morals and integrity so if you're rude, disrespectful or lie to me I will block you because that is something I won't tolerate.

I don't like pushy sellers, I am nobodies pay pig and I am not interested in wallet draining or humiliations so if that is your thing then I am not your man.

I have mentioned that I am a nice guy and while that is true I can be very naughty when I'm horny some of my turn ons include sweet kind honest women, I love boobs and ass but most importantly I love to see faces and I am a big sucker for tattoos.

I am forever present and love on the dash and I do love making a connection with sellers before purchasing, I am not the biggest fan of one off purchases.

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AnonymousWarrior AU

Thank you to everyone who played my birthday guess the number game 🥰

1st @Bubbles0000
2nd @Mistyrose
3rd @DarkAngelHardcore

AnonymousWarrior AU

The third number has finally been guessed

AnonymousWarrior AU

Instead of waiting 6 hrs for each guess on the birthday board it will now be 30 minutes I need some one to win the last prize lmao

AnonymousWarrior AU

Happy mothers day all you naughty sexy milfs 😘😘 hope you all get spoiled 😊

AnonymousWarrior AU

2nd number has just been guessed 1 more prize left 🎈🎈🎈

AnonymousWarrior AU

Game update the first number has been guessed there's still 2 more prizes 😘😘

AnonymousWarrior AU

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week 😊😊

AnonymousWarrior AU

Messages are working again

AnonymousWarrior AU

Happy Easter weekend all you gorgeous sellers, I hope you all get spoilt and enjoy all the delicious chocolates!! So glad the long weekend starts now 😍

AnonymousWarrior AU

Congratulations to @TheBestPantys for hitting 200 reviews you absolutely smashed it gorgeous!

AnonymousWarrior AU

When did they add service fees to instant content? 😂🤯

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