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Scent is what brought Me here and massive part of My kink for being dominated so love them to absolutely stink so please don't feel any embarrassment during a wear, My nose is Your nose;=] only thing I Can't stand is idea of male cum near knickers, obviously I'd still want You to have fun during wear but yeah if You could keep them away from any action I'd be really grateful, other than that though all bets are off;=] Xx

Having dipped my toes in the water since joining I've been very humbled by reviews I've got so far, this has been born out of a place of being genuine, am really nothing special but that's all you'll get from Me, but with this also comes being blunt. I have some 'favourites' I've brought from and I will be returning to for more and there's a good few I'm on talking terms with who I Owe a spree in their shops and feel that combined with unpredictable nature of my work I have writtled my following list down to those i feel an attraction to and / or a connection with so in reality I'd prefer to be left alone in terms of first messages UNLESS You've seen a post of mine and you're specifically talking about that or there's some thought put into it and some respect but unless we're actually talking a 'hey' or 'hi' ain't realistically getting answered.

Updated 20th April, 2022 It's been a minute since I signed up on here, and have noticed a lot of things, first off don't let how well you're doing be dictated by sales / reviews, they're important but not MOST Important! Moving forward I'm still my naturally inquisitive self but am somewhere in the middle of being that and being owned as I do have a favourite who I will keep going back to as regularly as she will put up with me for❤😘 I also have a 'mount rushmore' of sellers who I care for dearly and again I will be going back to fairly frequently.
Then there's the sellers I've made promises to and I'm good to my word so will ask all of you over time about an order/s. And of course anyone else I've brought from, I'm always here for a chat!
Never say never but realistically with how hectic life is that's all I'm going to have time for now so while inbox is open for anyone to respectfully talk about anything I've mentioned here and / or if I can offer advice for new sellers and / or buyers for that matter I'm not going to have time to build new relationships here and certainly can't be answering questions that are already answered on here. Wishing you all the very best though, much love and respect ❤😘

WEDNESDAY 30TH NOVEMBER, 2022 Recently passed a Year on here so thought I'd update a little, all the above still stands and where I've mentioned about feeling free to message if You see anything specific about bio that catches Your eye, well I Thought I'd get bit more specific with what I'm into, some is constant, other is stuff that just enters My mind as I Go along, copied from posts I've already wrote but makes more sense to put them in a 'One Stop' if anyone feels this is a bit of them then feel free to message Me and mention it, will more than likely update on here as I Go along, be lucky! Xx

As well as main turn on of scent, this one isn't far behind it and ties in with it and started from a girl who was a bully in school and used to batter the boys who were often taller than Her, She left Me alone but had a wet dream about Her years after and that's where it all began! Have since gone to mixed wrestling sessions where a highly trained female wrestler, often smaller than Me [ I'm 6ft2 ] would beat Me up and put Me in humiliating holds and often ones that would trap Me in position of My nose being forced to sniff Her feet, armpits and underwear while She was still wearing them, demanding I Beg, cry and / or tap before letting Me free, nothing hotter and have also appeared as a "victim" extra in some of their videos!! So if any female wrestlers / boxers / any form of self defence / security / bouncers, etc read this or know of anyone who would sell to Me, then please do feel free to hit Me up!!

Idea I Had little while ago whilst chatting with a lovely seller and She's on board for it next year, have been turned on no end by it and a couple of other's have already jumped on board from original post, any seller's who have a landmark birthday please feel free to get in My inbox, I'm thinking along lines of turning 30, 40, 50, etc and who'd be down for doing a wear that goes from while they're still in their 30's going into when they go into their 40's for example, You get My gist!

Had to copy and paste onto so many messages as I Ain't a great typer but these are main 2 scenarios I love idea of;=]
I absolutely love scent of a lady and being bullied into smelling her and "hating" how You stink but being powerless to stop it ( I clearly love it😜 ) I love being forced to sniff armpits and feet but main emphasis would be having your knickers in my face with you still in them so having my face shoved between your legs and being facesat would be examples. Would love you to acknowledge that even at 6ft2 I'm a wimp and your little bitch and you own me and can have my face up and smelling your arse anytime you wanted or something along those lines, and would also be embarrassing if You farted in my face too;=]
Other scenario is same premise as above but revolving round Me being a Taxi Driver in real life so I'm thinking I've just dropped You home from a night out and You tell Me you're going in to get My money, when it's obvious You're not coming back to pay Me I Knock on door and that's where video / Session starts with You laughing at Me, bullying Me and basically incorporating what I Said in last scenario then telling Me I'm now Your personal driving bitch!
Hope all that made sense and doesn't sound too long and boring for You, obviously would be in Your own words but they're bullet points!

Anyway, thanks for reading and keep doing the do;=] Xx

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Thursday 2nd May, 2024
Been just shy of a month so better update this pinned post before it finds itself unpinned. Am going to include most of last one and mix it in with bit more so between this, I'm starting with messages as this is My main stress here! I Can't do small talk and I Mean that in most respectful but blunt way I Can, My job involves chatting constantly in real time and this is My escape! Recently some have messaged Me directly linked with stuff outlined on bio and seriously appreciate that but I Can't do one or 2 word messages that ain't related to Me being on here [ and that includes stuff already on bio that already answers questions! ] I chat more when I'm able to buy and saves us both time! My bio and blogs I've wrote should save time for everyone as I can't go through same conversations over and over, not just time wise but state of mind wise and have started to ignore messages now especially when I've just posted 'I'm knackered, calling it a day, etc' but if you're one of them I Do ignore it doesn't mean you're not welcome here it means I just can't and / or best to read the room after effort's been put into bio! And please do read before telling Me how much You love My page then ask Me what I'm into!!!!

Most recent thing i've dabbed my toes in is for any seller's who have dealt with me before. Not expecting it to go anywhere but feel it could be a goodun. If you're posting anything to do with underwear / socks / sexting / custom vid's or anything specifically for that matter that we've come together with then feel free to add #justaskLee to post then I'll keep an eye on the tag as regularly as i can and add a comment / review, and answer any buyer's who may need a push to take a chance on someone.
It might help, it might be dog shit idea but it's out there anyway!

This year I've re-launched #MacciesMonday , #TacoorTequilaTuesday , #WendysWednesday , #ThaisdayorThirstyThursday , #TGIFridayTFIFriday , #SambucaSaturday and #SubwaySunday 's dependant on which day I Run it on.
They worked on the same format everytime, it was nominate a seller on post and whoever had most got a tip [ I Called it drink / lunch on Me, hence the names ] and / or order request, enjoyed it but in hindsight had chance of someone winning who was bl0c*ed [ still got around it and honoured it, but still! ] and it got stagnant in same format all the time!
Was looking at running them again this year, but with the advent of premium buyer's and who can message who, it's a bit messy so I'll be concentrating on who entered #SNIFFMEBITCH and #SNIFFTHISBITCH as no one goes unnoticed on My watch!

Below is update of new entries into #2yearsofsniffing with more legends still to come! More deets on gashtag and they're all worth a look, and a sniff;=]

Found out about Lola from my SniffMe / SniffThisBitch comp's and ain't looked back, a seriously hot lady, a gorgeous soul and damn i've loved sniffing her thong, a total package!
Girl next door type, so down to earth, absolutely stunning with a scent and video's to die for, a diamond!
Also found out about Anne from my SniffMe / SniffThisBitch comp's, she blew me away with that, a POV Facesittting humiliation vid and a wear! Only good energy from Anne!
An OG Right here, absolutely fit as all fuck, a laugh with it and a consuming scent, a well needed presence here!
Don't generally see her on here these days but still very much thought about. A Sweetheart, absolutely gorgeous and a divine scent!
Absolutely love wear from her and have a couple of the hottest ever facesitting videos from her, lucky to have got in touch with her

In interests of full transparency, honourable mentions to BashfulAsh, GoddessExtraElsie, Mama_Mari, PeachyViolet, StaceySilver and The_Stable_Mistress If I See them back one day, will tag them too but left impression on Me anyhoo!

Have also enjoyed running #ISpyWithMyLittleNose and recommend anyone I've tagged on this!

Next note is reviews, I'm lucky in one's I've received, a lot of them touch on me being easy to talk to and caring, and I appreciate that but all those relationships were either me reaching out as I was hungry😈 and we've kept in touch or when they reached out to me but its been gradual and I've been given space to breathe😘 so great reviews don't guarantee a sale, conversely I Don't put stock in how many reviews a Seller has, infact I'd rather go with interaction than volume of reviews especially as I See nigh on giveaway discounts just for more reviews and is a turn off in itself so just do You and they'll come organically!

Never take being bl#*ed personally, there was a real good blog about it a while back and it doesn't mean it's necessarily personal, it could be energy not meshing, it could be amount you post as it's not for everyone.... if people are shouting outside my house I shut window, doesn't mean I hate them, just means I don't care about their noise!

DAMN This is only thing I feel taboo about chatting about on here, I'm massive advocate of it's YOUR Business so You price as You feel! But never [ unless drunk?! ] spoke about My budget so here goes....
First off I'm spending far less than ever on here [ NOT Through choice!! ] but when I Am able to I Don't have a cast iron "I Have to justify spending over it" as I Can't do the justifying ANYTHING Gimmick, life's too short but I'll give You ball park for knickers / thongs as that's what brought Me here. I Tend to look at spending £15-20 on a pair for a 24 hour wear and usually need 3 or 4 day wear and look at £5 per extra day so around the £25-35 range [ adding postage where appropriate ].
Again that's NOT To say I Won't go above that because I Have numerous times and still will if there's connection and / or attraction but if Your pricing's above that and You haven't already read My bio on top of that then a first message to Me is realistically going nowhere. My spending ain't consistent at the moment and that and budget might not be same as other buyer's but I Never dream of haggling with Seller's and mentioning other Seller's prices so won't accept the same!

Payment Methods
CA And Pal of Pay are My go-to's, they can be a bitch but simplest to use for this DumbArse! After 2 year's have only just figured out KinkCoins too but would much rather send Ya's something where You get money earlier!

Private Profiles
As I Alluded to in an earlier post, It's completely subjective decision and one only You as a Seller can decide whether to set profile to public or private! You could get every other buyer giving You a different answer as to whether it puts them off or not but Peace of mind, feeling safe and comfortable should dictate Your choice above any other factors!
Can always change it as You go along but never let it be a stress!
My own personal perspective on this is if I think there's something there it wouldn't put Me off and I'd request to follow but if I Can't afford to ask for anything at the time it's unlikely I'll request til I Can so I Can check out Your shop then.

No Premium here
Each to their own but won't be going premium, if You've dealt with Me You know, if not, You've gotta do what You gotta do!

Be lucky and carry on doing you, don't let toxic energy grind ya down and never take it personally if a conversation you instigated goes nowhere, we're all built different and make this place work in our own ways so read bio's, they might give you some idea of what's up and save time😘 Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Morning all. Out to work any sec but happy Sniff it Saturday and big happy birthday out to @Blossombabe I've yet to have the pleasure but when not if and a blatant sweetheart who you all should really be knowing of, have a goodun love! Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Added a new photo > Morning all, might be a busy one so if I can't get on here much, be a bum respecter not a bumba. Oh and if I can't unsee this then you can't🙈 Ave a goodun Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Knackered so peacing out, have an awesome evening and i'll do my best with inbox tomorrow. Night all Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Morning all but fuck me it's early init😳🙈 but welcome back @Rioscent absolute love and all the other good stuff🔥👿 for this sweetheart, well worth reaching out to😍❤️ Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Long day, just getting in so bear with me with inbox but this needs to be said. I've had enough of being pissed off recently so call it food for thought and trying to help.
As always it's your business so bl0ck me or blank me if i do your head in but seen so many posts berating new buyer's but so many passes being given to "established" buyer's and premium buyer's!
There's real good and there's arseholes in all those categories but i was new here once and took me a while to avoid massive mistakes, where i'm bluntly honest i couldn't see the line yet alone know i'd crossed it and retrospectively kink talked by accident many times as i'm keen to keep convo's real and had to work on that so get a feel, give yourself boundaries on how many messages there should be before sale is brought up but try not to write anyone off purely because they're new!
Conversally have seen posts about seller's being stung by those who have been a while and shocked because they have so many reviews! I'm outspoken about reviews and never know how to react to a message saying 'i'm impressed with your reviews' i'll still drop bollocks from time time but intent is never malicious and would rather be judged good or bad through interractions and NOT Reviews, so go on gut but if it feels dodgy never let loads of 5*'s dictate your choices, they're sometimes born out of fear of revenge reviews!

Again, feel free to do what you want with this #asyouwere Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Getting early one in shortly so will clear up inbox soon as, before that @Nikki37 's dash is closing VERY Soon so leg it over there! Peace Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

And while i'm doing notices, welcome back @Secretlydesirabelle and @Eloise_West 2 absolutely stunning women inside and out, and well needed energies here! Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Evening bum sniffers and sniffees! @ThatOneWithTheBum is running her first competition and just like her, it's gorgeous! Go get at one of my fave gashtags going at the mo, #MyFlawsAreFlawless Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Oh and a quick one for new seller's, check your settings, if you choose to be paid to be messaged that's totally your call but someone said recently it's actually default til you change it so worth a look as
A] You could be paying to be here with no outlet to make it back and
B] Just tried to message one of you to tell you might be well worthwhile to up those prices

Anyhoo, have a goodun the lot of ya, apart from arse flasher's on dash who ain't seller's! Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Jesus wept, who left the cunt farm gates open?! Unless it's a seller, male or female then no one wants to see your shit, your junk, your chests, etc on the dash, it ain't 1nst@ for fuck sakes so get the marigold on, take a good look deep inside of yourself and understand this ain't the place for that crap! And seller's for the love of goddess don't be enabler's already! Anyway peace out everyone else, not in mood Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Happy half a year on here to @CalamityKaila ! Feels like this gorgeous, awesome and funny as fuck enigma has been here for longer with impact she's had on me!
A Total diamond and i can't even remember site pre her joining, go get at her, she nibbles but she don't bite! Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

There's only one way to beat them, get round the back🎵

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Oh and i hardly stopped yesterday so rushed post wouldn't do but happy belated 4 year ATW Anniversary to @Gingermilf ! One of the first who reached out to me on here and so lucky she did! Site and my experience on it are richer for her! An absolute icon who i love very much, and hot as all fuck by the way! Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Added a new photo > Morning rat fans😍 give me a minute, I see ya's but going back out to work in a bit ( and being double vigilant who I pick up👊💦💦 ) so will do my best with inbox, bear with and be good to yourselves and each other in meantime😘❤️

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Not long back through the door and out tomorrow so consider me invisible today, will do my best to keep on top of messages but I'm not promising miracles, have an awesome day! Oh and Bristol, I love you, and not just the bristol's on here❤️ Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Oh and a shout out to @Alaskajane who's been here 3 months now. I Ain't had pleasure YET But an absolutely gorgeous, enthusiastic energy here! Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Added a new photo > Morning all, and may the 4th be with you! And welcome to the Dirty Thirties, @Mrs_Kink ! Happy birthday to ya, have most awesomnest of days, gorgeous! Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Where are my manners?! Happy Wide on Wednesday you lot Xx

LeeTheBoneRanger UK

Morning all, mental start to day so will get to inbox when I can. In the meantime massive happy birthday to the beautiful Rae, one half mine and @Yourfavlesbians have a most awesome day❤️🎂😍🍻🎁 Xx



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