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🌟I'm in my Hollywood Starlet era & out of fucks to give✌️
🙄Mental health disaster, chameleonic gobshite😏
👑Top 0.1% seller😉
🚫I block what annoys/ain't for me. Not personal😘

❤️Gifts and tips always appreciated and rewarded;

If you don't see what you want listed, it's worth asking me anyway. I don't list everything and I have a lot of stuff 😉
UK size 14 (12-14 undies)
34D bra
7 UK shoe

I blur out my tattoos, but do show face in most stuff 😜
I am not single 😏
I also have a tiny dog, so be aware of that if ordering physical items.

👌Prices are what they are, and reasonable offers are considered.
📷Custom photos - £5 for two, depending on the nature of the photos.
🎥Videos are bare minimum £15 for up to a minute. After that, it can be discussed, content dependent.
🛞Wheel spins and tasks prices are for all spun in succession and given to you in bulk. If you want them one by one, you need to pay me for my continued time on top.

All instant content can be bought with other payment methods and given to you via Google Drive access, DM or Wetransfer.

💸 I accept;
💷 Amazon GC
💷 Wishhush
💷 Revolut link
💷 KC if no other payment available.
Other payment methods may be considered, depending.


Piss me off? Gulag. Waste time? Gulag. Leave me on read more than once for no good reason? You got it... Gulag.
💅Gulag happens when you're a little bitch.

Don't expect immediacy, because I don't expect it from you. We all have lives and obligations. ❤️

😘 I also don't NEED your custom. I'm here because I want to be. And if someone here does need business, it doesn't give you the right to lowball, demand, or allow you to push anything. Ok?

I don't;
❌Do custom/live fucking myself or my partner for you
❌Do full nudity (yes I show pretty much everything but I don't do full body nudes)
❌Sell sext sessions or want "satisfying" by you
❌Pander to buyers at ALL
❌Do JOI, sc@, bugs, race play, age play, extreme pain, animal stuff or under 18
❌Have a strong scent, so wears are longer as standard
❌Give out my real name or my address, give socials easily, or my number at all
❌Own anyone but @Jessthesissy
❌Want unsolicited nudes, videos or to see you jerk off - ask for consent before anything x-rated
❌Give a shit if you are premium
❌Want to be your everything, kink for free or owe you a damn thing
❌Betray confidence or disclose info about buyers or sellers to anyone
❌Do refunds - and I can't control what delivery companies do
❌Live on here - You wanna schedule something, we'll have to sort it. I'm not at your beck and call, and even if I'm here, don't expect me to be immediately available.

I do;
✅Have a sense of humour
✅Have a fucking temper
✅Have physical and instant listings in my shop
✅Drains - only provided the buyer gets something from milestones we set - be it session time, pics, etc.
✅Respond to reasonable, polite messages
✅Shitpost a little too much
✅Lose my filter a bit, and say what I mean
✅Swear a lot
✅Love my partner
✅Like kink exploration
✅Like to have fun
✅Have standards
✅Have a heart and sense of compassion up to a point
✅Get to pick and choose who I do what with, end of story.

@jessthesissy is my sub, she doesn't really like to share unless it's collaborative or sending fairy tips, so don't pressure her.

DM me if you have questions, I'm not a complete bitch. Just mostly. 😏

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Gender: Female

Age: 30-40

Ethnicity Caucasian (White)

Body Size: Curvy

Shoe Size: US 9, UK 7, EU 40

Occupation: Entrepreneur

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KneelForKaila UK

Tasks, Tasks, Tasks!!...

Need some direction in your life? Have a beautiful woman or one of her wheels decide for you....

5.00 GBP 63

KneelForKaila UK

Well Worn Kitty...

Grubby and kinda dead. Quarter crew, cute asf. Will wear 48 hrs before ship if wanted....

12.00 GBP 150

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Added a new photo > Everything is perfect, everyone is lovely. Nothing is wrong. Don't question it. Don't call it out. Carry on in FUCKIN PORN EUTOPIA


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KneelForKaila UK

I feeling really mentally wobbly atm. Brain keeps either telling me to shut down or make huge life choices.
I'd say sorry in case of oversharing or moodiness. But... I'm not sorry. Not here. I pay to be here, and if you don't wanna see my bullshit, my opinions or indeed, my ass, (IYKYK and yes I'm still salty) that's your prerogative 💋

KneelForKaila UK

Added a new photo > Who do I have to shoot to get my 40th review?

KneelForKaila UK

I accept meta quest gcs now. I want beat saber

KneelForKaila UK

Added a new photo > So @Ruby_Rain tagged me in @Twinkletoesjessi #BareAll tag... I posted this unflattering pic the other day to make a point about being flawed, and it applies here. We often post our best angles but we're all human beings with history, texture and flaws. I've had no kids, but my body has been through a lot in its 38 years of life. I'm still trying to accept it for what it is. I tag @MumscreationsbyD and @MissMiaWallace x

KneelForKaila UK

At this rate i'mma have more atw clothes and costumes than actual fits bruh


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Reposted a listing > Live Sessions


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Yeah I change my pfp a lot. Sorry. Fickle as fuck me


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Added a new photo > What's a hoe gotta do to get 2 more reviews around here? Be reasonable? Nah fuck that


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