My Experience of Selling Feet Pics & Content Online

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My Experience of Selling Feet Pics & Content Online

Leading With My Best Foot Forward

One year ago, had someone asked me what I believed my best physical attribute was, I probably would have been tossed up between saying my bum or cheeks... An odd combination and honestly speaking with my inner self I don't truly know if I really loved either of these parts as much as I would pretend to in order to keep the appearance of a safe sense of self. But who hasn't felt that way?

Who hasn't looked at their body and questioned how much they really loved it and what they wouldn't give to strip and change their known features to be more like those we see featured in the media.

I started selling Adult Content only recently, back in December 2021, after reading online about so many success stories. I wondered if that could be me, could I become someone who could sell content online and make that little extra income we all dream about.

Well that was how it began but it certainly wasn't what kept me here. The months following and the incredible people I met led to the biggest confidence boost I've ever experienced. For the first time in my life, I looked in the mirror and saw myself as a wonderful, beautiful, sexy woman and this confidence carried over into my personal life.

I felt powerful, free and truly loved who I was. I never understood what the process of selling online gained a seller apart from an income but now I know: it’s the little ego boost you get from making that perfect piece of content.

And yet... I still wouldn't have ever said my feet were my best physical feature. Not that I would have described them as anything undesirable, I just wouldn't have believed them to be anything more than the two bony features used to carry me around daily and on occasion were a cute pair of socks. Until I met my first foot lover.

My First Experience of Selling Feet Pics

They made a very reasonable request to simply see my feet in a short video doing nothing more than wiggling my toes. I almost couldn't believe this was what someone would really want from my time, however, I have always set myself a goal to leave my clients pleased with their purchase and this occasion was no different.

The compliments I received from my client were beyond belief and suddenly I took a second look at my feet and saw them differently. A few more requests came through requesting different activities involving my feet from showering, wearing specific worn items, crushing and even covering them with food - oh and of course stinking up some used socks!

I always enjoy making new, interesting content so having these requests flying in started off odd but shortly with time became so exciting. Within a few weeks, it became a huge focal point of my online selling business but also I started to see my feet in a whole new light too!

Discovering a Community of Feet Lovers

A community of feet lovers was an area I had never experienced until 2022 and had I been questioned on it before this time, I probably wouldn't have given it much thought as I was thinking it was something I could never truly understand but now, I've come to admire my own feet in a way that I never have before. I had come to realise that having my feet worshipped and adored made me glow and well being completely honest made me really horny....

Moreso, the conversations and stories my clients would tell me about their love for feet and where it all began was so interesting and eye-opening that I've come to realise so many more people love feet than I think a mainstream society would ever let on or feel welcomed to discuss.

Now, I sit here proudly, feeling a sense of positive mental health that I've never had before in my life, whilst looking at my feet. And now, if someone were to ask me what I believe my best physical feature to be, I would proudly claim that it is my feet... Although I'm pretty happy with the rest of my natural body now too! However, if they ever were to find out why I think they would be very confused by my little rollercoaster story!

Advice for Selling Feet Pics and Vids

If your sitting there reading this today and you're looking for some advice for selling foot related content on ATW, the best two pieces of advice I can give to you are this:

  1. Speak to your buyers! Get to know them, their likes and their limits. I have found so many wonderful relationships and created some of my best foot content because that valuable time spent learning about one another builds up not only a mutual trust but a wonderful, personalised foundation for which to create content.
  2. Research! I can’t tell you how much time I spent scrolling through blogs, looking on various websites and even searching up foot fetish porn just so I could learn more about the world of feet and all their glamour! Seeing what others had made, both professional and amateur, gave me the confidence to test and try new skills myself. Also reflecting back on my first point, researching from your buyer and asking their advice and Input has never let me down! If you're new to the foot game, ask the experts!

Advice to Buyers of Feet Content

My advice to any buyers who are looking for great foot related content who maybe are not sure what they like or are feeling a little uneasy discussing their foot fetish, please know that nearly all of the wonderful, creative and innovative sellers on this site always get a little kick of excitement when we make you the perfect order and we love to hear your side of things. Please know you can share with us, and most of us are very eager to hear your preferences and likes so that we can achieve this little goal, whilst also making you feel welcomed and comfortable!

Well that’s enough from me, for now, talking about my first experience dipping my toes into the foot fetish side of life (get it 😜).

Good luck in your future ventures and may you always lead with your best foot forward ☺️

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